YES! The new season is almost here and that means, a new collection. We are very excited, because of the specific SS21 trends. The whole world is working from home, where you have to focus, but also need some space to relax. This phenomenon means that comfort is essential within the latest fashion trends. Festive on top and ‘loungie’ in the bottom, ready for the next videocall. We have translated this into our Vintage collection by adding sparkling straps in the most summery sweet colors, such as violet, soft pink and green. Turn your quarantine wardrobe into fashionable and festive outfits with the new glittering and glamorous Vintage series. See Vintage series here.

When the work is done, people are getting creative to turn their home office into a stay-cation-destination. Here they have to dream their way in to a faraway place, in which we are wandering along tropical shores. These dreams have been an inspiration for the dreamy beach Timepieces collection. Dials with beautiful pearl and colors such as sand, light sky blue, shell pink. With an eye for detail, we even have added a cute little shell on some of the watch hands. See women's collection here. For the gents we have a couple of cool designs. All metal and in the beautiful classic colors with for instance an ocean blue dial. See men's collection here.

Besides longing for tropical destinations, we are also looking back on era’s that represent better times and happy days. Such as the 90’s. Economy was rising, the digital world was at its beginning and developing. The geometric patterns, bright and neon colors are making their return and we are loving it. This era that produced a lot of revolutionary tech, such as the Tamagotchi and Gameboy has been the perfect source for our one and only digital series, the Smartwatches collection. We have integrated the 90’s into this collection with joyful contrasting colors such as the bright raspberry pink and soft stone grey. See Smartwatches collection here.

Stay sparkly, stay dreamy and stay smart.