The source of this collection’s inspo takes us to a day well-spend in the North of Africa. There where the heat gives you a warm welcome to fussed souks, endless deserts and magical Arabian nights.

A morning in Marrakech
Starting the day with a beautiful song of a lark while watching the sun come up over the city. This first moment of the day already makes up for a pretty pallet. The soft painted sky with warm shades of yellow, brown and red is the perfect image to kick of this summer’s color use.

Shades of souk
Warm and feisty colors will follow you wherever you go. Especially while visiting the local souk, where the flavors, scents and fuss lure you towards the stalls. The scenery contains colourful spices such as chive, saffron and cinnamon. These are the colours you’ll find in both the ladies and gents designs. Also the mosaic pattern and it’s beautiful blue and mint shades are a happy add to the OOZOO Summer Collection 2020. Our very own OOZOO-mosaic made it’s re-entry in this collection and also a new dotted pattern makes its debut.

From coral to the bay
The brilliant white and blue shades are continue to show when headed towards the clear blue oceanfront. The underwater world has been an inspiration for one of this collection’s designs. We have created a completely new design with an extraordinary dial. The dial has a embossed display of coral. The designs are executed in a matching color palet, from the bottom of the ocean to the green of the palmtrees that color the coastline.
Heading back into the nearest town centre you come across pink painted buildings that are decorated with geometric windows and pots with exotic plants. One of our favorite plants must be the Monstera. Therefore we have chosen the leafs of this unique flora to turn into a new dial pattern and we are very excited about the result.

While the sun slowly disappears, we are going on a carpet ride for the 1st out of 1001 magical nights. Expect bold, gold, shiny and sparkling. As we said before, sparkle never goes out of style. With brushed watch cases, glittering dials and shiny bracelet straps we have a lot of new ladies series that’ll let you shine everywhere at every moment of every day. Not only the ‘Yasmines’, but also the ‘Aladdins’ among us are given an opportunity to shimmer through the night with the chive- or eveningblue mesh-design of one of OOZOO’s bestselling gents designs.

May 11, 2021 — Laurie Simon